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TMS is an acronym for Tension Myositis Syndrome, a mind/body condition brought to the public eye by the late and great John Sarno, M.D.

Trained as a medical doctor, his research into chronic pain and illness set him worlds apart from the traditional allopathic approach to healing. What he discovered had nothing to do with medicine, surgery, physical therapy, nutrition or diet.....It was Dr. Sarno’s contention that chronic pain is directly related to specific personality traits. His work originally focused on back, shoulder and neck pain, and eventually expanded to encompass on all forms of chronic pain and illness.

His first book, Mind Over Back Pain, helped millions of people — including myself — eliminate years of chronic symptoms and regain power over their lives.

Dr. Sarno's work became the mainstay of my own recovery over 25 years ago when every healing modality that I tried (chiropractic, osteopathy, nutrition, rolfing, yoga for the back, allopathic medicine, acupuncture) failed to give me any lasting relief. What I learned from Dr. Sarno was that the mechanism causing my physical chronic pain was NOT physical or structural in origin. He explained that symptoms that are not acute but linger on and become chronic all originate in the emotional realm. He clinically proved that the cause of this pain can be attributed to one primary emotion: rage (or anger).  And at the bottom of this anger is fear — the fear of rejection and abandonment that comes from not feeling we're good enough, unworthiness and separation from who we really are. Physical pain becomes a detraction from the inner conflict of anger vs. the need to maintain the persona of a people-pleasing, high-functioning, perfectly “normal” and happy person.

The arts, in general, are a breeding ground for self-imposed pressures. The incessant need to sound good, look good, be accepted and gain approval go right along with the fear of rejection and abandonment.

In many cases, merely making the connection between the pain and the emotions can lead to a rapid recovery, which was my personal case. In less than six weeks and after several readings of Sarno's book, I was symptom free.

Some people may need more help and guidance through counseling but in either case, healing is possible for those who want it. This is where I come in.

Healing is not a’s a realization.
— Steven Ozanich, The Great Pain Deception

In my TMS consulting, I can help you by sharing what worked for me in my recovery after experiencing over 15 years of numerous chronic symptoms. As Dr. Sarno said, “Knowledge is the penicillin.”

Through our consultations, you will come to understand more clearly the connection between your life and your symptoms. Different from traditional therapy and long, drawn-out counseling sessions, you can benefit immensely by simply realizing the origin of your pain and what to do NOW to feel better.

Sessions are available via Skype or in person (Portland, OR).

90-minute TMS Healing Session.............................$75
For those interested in specific exploration into the workings of TMS, how it effects the body and what can be done now to recover fully from pain and illness.

30-minute Q&A........………......................... $45
For those who are curious about TMS and have questions , as well as health-care professionals seeking to better help their patients.

Note: Consultations are intended to explain the process of TMS healing from a direct experience, and are in no way a substitute for medical or psychological advice.

To Book a Consultation:

Call me at 503-539-9153 or e-mail me at with a few time slots that work for you to connect in person in Portland, OR, or via Skype.

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What people are saying…

“Donn spoke at my group and did a fantastic job sharing information about the mind/body/spirit connection and health. His unique presentation was one of the greatest I’ve had at the group! He magically blended his love for music with the ideas around law of attraction and chronic pain.”  - Michele Joy, speaker, coach, author, Portland OR.

“Donn’s presentation opened my mind to what had previously seemed impossible, the idea of living without chronic pain. By sharing his own story of healing and the resources that helped him, he made accessible a path to healing. By combining his beautiful piano music with these concepts of healing I felt as if I was listening not only with my mind but also with my spirit. I am so grateful to have listened to his words and music.” -Alexandra Spellman, R.N., Portland OR