Within a very short time, a few minutes, Donn was able to focus in on what was missing from my marketing plan. During the next few minutes, he helped me determine which group of people I should be approaching with my product and how I should approach them. I recommend him highly as a knowledgeable resource.
— John Hastings; Author, The Guitar Fret-Staff System, Portland, OR.
Before I worked with Donn I had such a fear of public speaking!
Miraculously, in the short time we spent together, Donn helped me to develop ways to take the spotlight off of my insecurities and myself and redirect it towards my message.
That simple shift has changed everything. I can’t wait to get up there and share what I have with the world!
— Michelle Berlin; Living Right Brain, Portland, OR.
Donn has demonstrated superior skills in communication & leadership. He is an excellent speaker, and very supportive of people from all walks of life. I have referred him to others for assistance in a number of areas.
— Pat Mackin; Attorney, Portland, OR.
Really great way to have our staff think about creativity in life and work. Our conversation going forward can use the ideas that Donn presented to take more risks outside the box and trust.
— John Crawford; Manager of Health Education, Kaiser Permanente, Portland, OR.
I am very impressed with Donn. We could have talked for hours. The advice he gave me was priceless. Donn is very client focused and he is enthused about helping others succeed. I highly recommend him.
— Renee Wilbur; President ReciProty.com, Portland, OR.
Donn Rochlin is an empowering coach who possesses a strong understanding of prosperity principles. Donn taught me several spiritual exercises that my husband and business partner, Joe, and I practiced. We were able to pivot from struggle to self enlightenment and from fear to self development. Within two weeks we created a new model and focus for our recruiting business that resulted in acquiring several new clients. Our income has taken a quantum leap upward and we see no limits to our professional
and financial growth.
— Sue Swenson; Swenson Turner Inc., Portland, OR.
Donn understands how health, relationships, career, time and tough decisions weight us down and keep us from living the joy-filled life we deserve. He has spent most of his life seeking, educating and sharing. An in-tuned highly creative listener, Donn has helped me focus on pressing issues and guided me to some great decisions.
— Debbie Bartlett; S.V.P. May Dept.Store (Macy's), Lake Oswego, OR.
Excellent ideas! Donn encouraged me to think outside the box and use my creative powers to excel in my business and personal life.
— Gale Shaw; Sales, Beaverton, OR.
I recently had the opportunity to attend Donn Rochlin’s Letting Go of the Fear of Public Speaking class. By the end, I realized that the concepts were not limited to public speaking but were powerful truths that were applicable to all parts of my life.
All Donn’s classes are based on these same concepts and would be very helpful to anyone seeking the change to move forward in life. I liked this easy, effortless way.
— Susan Kraemer; Teacher/Consultant, Vancouver, WA.
Our members enjoyed his energy and his humor. They found him to be to very fun and funny while he gave great ideas in a short time and made it REAL! Many commented that he exceeded their expectations. We would have him back in a heartbeat!
— Pamela Mason; Professional Women’s Group Leader, Dress for Success, Portland, OR.
I recently started a women’s self defense business with the help of Donn’s wonderful coaching talents. He assisted me from the standpoint of accepting the truth of my success and helped me reduce my fear of failure and to let go of unnecessary drama. I haven’t felt this good since I was nineteen.
— Julia Forrester; Martial Arts Instructor, Suquamish, WA.