Piano for Life 3 DVD set


Piano for Life 3 DVD set


by Mark Amond

The only DVD series in harmony with traditional instruction that specializes in teaching the aspiring pianist all the important pianistic skills. Mark Almond believes the best way to learn to play the piano is to listen very carefully to the advice of the greatest pianists in history.

While there are numerous legitimate shortcuts included, this series is not a quick-fix system. For the past 25 years, Mark has aligned insights from the past with modern advances to create this complete and practical approach.

Explore strategies that develop musical rather than mechanical playing. 
Learn the simple rules of harmony while playing beautiful music - independent of music notation.

  • Clear explanations and demonstrations of all the standard chord symbols used by professionals.
  • Revolutionary presentation on how to read music. Learn traditional sight-reading with clarity and ease.
  • Improve physical skills at exactly the same rate as a concert pianist. 
    Designed for beginning to intermediate students of all ages. Children under the age of 12 years old will need adult assistance.
  • This all-inclusive method is designed as an ideal foundation for permanent progress. Enjoy playing the piano for the rest of your life! 
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