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Just For Fun Piano Workshop, Salem Oregon

I will be teaching my Just For Fun Piano Worrkshop at Chemeketa College


Since giving his first “ Just For Fun Piano Workshop in 1993, pianist, teacher, Donn Rochlin has visited over 65 cities, spreading the gospel of an easier way to learn piano.According to Rochlin, the attrition rate of people dropping out of traditional piano lessons is 90% in the first two years.

The common reasons for quitting according to Rochlin’s students are boredom, stress, note reading, lack of creativity, hours of tedious practice and traumatic recitals – some of which led to years of therapy. Rochlin goes on to say that learning note reading before learning how to play chords and understanding the basic building blocks of music is like teaching a child to read before they can form words and speak.

The Just For Fun Piano workshop is intended for absolute beginners as well as seasoned players suffering what Rochlin refers to as “P.T.P.L.S.D. – Post Traumatic Piano Lesson Stress Disorder.” Workshop participants can expect to walk out of this session with the knowledge of how to play any song any style using chords. They will learn how to play more and read less as well as learning a variety of “tricks of the trade” used by professional piano players

Rochlin’s philosophy is that when students have fun learning and see positive results from the start they are inspired to stick with it, become self-motivated and eager to take on more advanced information. This workshop lays the foundation for a lifetime of creative expression and enjoyment making music.



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