Chronic Wellness Weekend with Donn Rochlin
Laurelwood Valley, OR
July 20 -22, 2018

“ There is no source of illness, only the disallowing of wellness”

-Abraham Hicks

Donn Rochlin will use his inspiring and uplifting piano music to set the stage for a weekend of insight into the cause and cure for chronic back, neck, shoulder, and other related chronic pain.

Donn will share his fifteen year journey with chronic pain and how he eventually found recovery through his study and research of Body-Mind pioneer, Dr. John Sarno.

Participants will have an opportunity through music, meditation, journaling and creative group play, to journey into a new realm of emotional understanding. We will explore how our emotions interact with our bodies and minds, and how we can use this knowledge to transform our lives from chronic pain to chronic wellness.

Workshop topics include:

  • Knowledge Is The Penicillin
  • Why they can’t find anything wrong
  • How biology follows belief
  • How faulty medical advice prolongs and increases pain
  • Who gets chronic pain
  • How unacknowledged rage and anger perpetuate pain
  • How pain is our best ally
  • Why people don’t want to heal
  • Knowing the cause is the cure

Tuition: $190

Accommodations: Choose "Register Now" to confirm availability and pricing for guest rooms and meals (tuition included with price).


Friday 7/20:

  • 4-6 pm Check in
  • 4:45- 6:00 pm Yoga (optional, Harmony Chapel)
  • 6-7 pm Dinner (Green Hill Cafe ) 7:30 – 9 PM Piano Performance Introduction to Weekend

Saturday 7/21:

  • 8:00-8:30 am Breakfast in silence
  • 8:30- 9 am Breakfast (Green Hill Cafe)
  • 10 am- 12 noon Live music/ presentation “Freedom From Chronic Pain”
  • 12:15-12:45 pm Mid day reflective walk/ sharing
  • 12:45-1:30 pm Lunch (Green Hill Cafe)
  • 2-4 PM Musical presentation & continuation of workshop
  • 4:30-5:45 pm Yoga (optional) Harmony Chapel
  • 6 – 7 pm Dinner (Green Hill Cafe)
  • 7:30- 9:30 pm Special Music featuring guest artist & group “Jam Along”

Sunday 7/22:

  • 8-8:30 am Breakfast in silence
  • 8:30- 9 am Breakfast
  • 10 am-12noon Integration/sharing/event closing/group blessing
  • 12:45 pm Lunch & Farewell (Green Hill Cafe)

About Donn Rochlin

Donn Rochlin is a Musician, Composer, and Inspirational Educator. He has traveled extensively sharing his music and unique workshops:

  • Just For Fun Piano
  • Fearless Public Speaking
  • From Crises To Creativity
  • Most recently, Chronic Wellness

Additionally, he has composed for a number of soundtracks, dance theater productions, and an off Broadway play.

He was the founder of the Ashland School of Music in Ashland Oregon. Donn maintains a schedule of private lessons, public performances and writing. He has also been the subject of various media interviews and articles based on spirituality and creativity.

Testimonials about Donn

Donn spoke at my group and did a fantastic job sharing information about the mind/body/spirit connection and health. His unique presentation was one of the greatest I’ve had at the group! He magically blended his love for music with the ideas around law of attraction and chronic pain.        Michele Joy, speaker, coach, author

Donn’s presentation opened my mind to what had previously seemed impossible, the idea of living without chronic pain. By sharing his own story of healing and the resources that helped him, he made accessible a path to healing. By combining his beautiful piano music with these concepts of healing I felt as if I was listening not only with my mind but also with my spirit. I am so grateful to have listened to his words and music.     Alexandra Spellman, R.N., Portland OR