The Gift of Creativity

Creativity is a habit, a behavior--a choice with which everyone is born. The gift of creativity is either developed or lost through neglect. Unfortunately in many cases, we are lured away from our gift by our educational systems and even well-meaning parents and friends. However, there are those who receive the encouragement or circumstances to pursue a life of creativity or at least to allow it into some part of their lives.

In his book The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, Ken Robinson tells the story of a mother who was concerned that her daughter had ADHD. She was unable to sit still in class and focus on her studies. The mother took her to see a psychologist. After talking to the child for a bit, the doctor asked the mother to join him outside the room and on the way out he flipped on the radio. He asked the mother to look through the opened door of the room. Her daughter was dancing and jumping up and down to the music. The doctor, in his wisdom, turned to the woman and said,”There is nothing wrong with your daughter. She is a dancer; give her dance lessons!"

This was the beginning of an incredible career for world renowned dancer and choreographer, Gillian Lynne (later known as Dame Gillian Lynne). Fortunately there were those in her life early on that understood her potential and were able to offer the direction and encouragement that ignited a spark into a flame of creativity.

There are volumes of stories about those who succeeded in breaking through to their creative lives by ignoring circumstances and living them anyway. As a failing student with no thought of acting as a career, Dustin Hoffman took his first drama class only because a friend told him no one ever gets an F in drama. As a teenager, Paul McCartney was told by the Liverpool Boys' Choir director that his voice wouldn't fit in and dismissed him. Many creative careers were started by those cast out by the traditional system. So many times the creative spark is camouflaged in the jungle of status quo. It's no wonder so many are in fear of treading the creative path, to any degree.

I believe that anyone who is willing to take the first steps toward living a more creative life will be blessed with childlike enthusiasm and joy.

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

You don't have to be Paul McCartney, Gillian Lynne, Dustin Hoffman or even a Picasso to pursue creativity professionally. All the benefits of Living The Creative Life are available to you by just getting in the game. Doing something creative every day gives you a greater sense of well-being and peace. It will add color and fulfillment to all other aspects of your life.

In their book, Ask and It Is Given,  Esther and Jerry Hicks teach that the fastest way to manifest anything that you desire is to match the vibration of the desire. E.g., the match for more money would be the vibration of freedom, security and well being. The match for a loving, committed relationship would be much the same as money, as well as the vibration of fun and intimacy.

Establishing a creative practice is one of the easiest and most fun ways of setting up a vibrational field to attract our desires. There are no negative side effects to creativity. Creative pursuits stimulate new growth in the cells of our body, reactivate childhood passions, reduce stress, and add purpose and direction to our lives.

We are all born with the seeds of genius. The definition of genius is “a particular, distinctive, or identifying character of spirit.” We are all distinctive; we all have our original ways of demonstrating spirit.

The definition of creative is “marked by the ability or power to create; having the quality of something created rather then imitated.” We all have the ability to create something original. It just gets down to a choice to live more creatively, to find things in each day to appreciate and to do what turns us on--to be the creative geniuses we are!!

Mozart summed it up this way......

“Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both
together go to the making of genius. Love, Love, Love - that is the Soul of Genius.”

There it is! Love what you do, focus your attention on it, get lost in doing it and genius will find you.

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter
do good things.”

Edgar Degas

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