The Vibration of Success


Like most people I was taught that the common success principles of hard work, tenacity, focus, and consistent action  would eventually lead me to the “Pot Of Gold.”

Of course these are admirable and noble traits, but they also need to be tempered with faith, surrender, self appreciation and wisdom.

What I have learned is that there is a vast difference between effort and struggle. Some might say I looked successful, externally, but the truth is that I was chronically worried about keeping what I had or chasing after more of what I thought I wanted. I wasn't at peace. Nor did I have a concept that there was a much easier formula. I believe effort can defiantly include hard work, tenacity and focus. Struggle on the other hand is laced with emotion . When I'm struggling my actions are usually driven by the fear of failure which usually expresses itself with frustration, anger, pity, and a host of negative emotions.

Until I changed my mind and the negative patterns that I practiced for most of my adult life, I achieved mediocre results, at best. I had gotten by and had experienced waves of physical success (the mantra of my upbringing was, "He'll survive"). The problem is that I have never wanted to just get by. I have wanted huge, first class--not from ego but from the desire to experience my full potential, my best self.

Several years ago I started to study The Law of Attraction and to practice it in my own life. The Law is pretty simple. It says “Whatever is observed and focused on multiplies.” I can attract more ease, freedom, love etc. or more confusion, doubt and fear. To move onto Easy Street, I have to accept that life can be easy. I am not meant to be condemned to a life of hard work and struggle. So many people who finally “arrive” at so-called success are too tired and sick to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. They made a sacrifice (more like a deal with the Devil) to give up their health, relationships, family and serenity for their “piece of the pie.”

What I continue to learn is that there is an art to allowing life to bring me what I want without my having to chase, plot and compete for it. A lighthouse doesn't run up and down the beach looking for ships it can help. Instead, it holds fast in one place, projecting a strong, steady beam of light and it attracts those that it can help. It fulfills its purpose simply by being what it is.

In the same way, if we want more clients, better relationships, more money, we need to stand strong in those things that represent our true nature and give us happiness.

I love the Law Of Attraction. It's a lot like music. A sad song makes me feel sad. A happy song makes me feel happy. I always have a choice about which vibration I want to experience.

The Law of Attraction is a paradox: to attract the things we want, we have to “have” them first – internally. The bait we need to catch our desire is the feeling we want to have from whatever we are asking for. For example, I think money will give me freedom, security, and power. To attract money I must somehow find feelings of freedom, security and power in my present experience regardless of what my bank account says. I've got to find the feeling of security, power and freedom through my connection with the universe, God, Higher Power, or whatever you choose to call it. The irony is that when the money shows up, it feels natural and easy, not something for which I had to struggle.

The practice that will change everything is to find those feelings wherever you are right now. By doing this consistently, you change your vibration to match the outcome you want. Because the Law of Attraction and the laws of physics demonstrate that like attracts like, what I focus on will eventually show up.

The first evidence that things are getting better is that I start to feel better. When I start to feel better I have less resistance to what I am asking for. It feels closer, more real. Eventually, by staying with the “good vibes,” not constantly “counting down” and anxiously looking over my shoulder for the "stuff" to show up, it actually does show up on its own. My job is just to keep reaching for thoughts that feel good and keep me inspired, and to do things that turn me on, constantly reminding myself that what I want is attracted to me by the good vibes I'm putting out, the thoughts I am thinking and the inspired actions I take. Money, great relationships, great health, fulfilling work, all love a good party!

The trick is to throw a good party, play more music, find a way to be a little happier today, a little more appreciative today, and money, relationships, improved health and fulfilling work will all want to come around and join in the fun!